Crown National Stainless Steel Cabinet (100kg Capacity)


The large Crown National stainless steel cabinet, with dimensions of 1000x750x2300, has a capacity of 100kg wet product and is designed taller than other machines to ensure maximum benefit from airflow through the product. The chamber weighs 120kg and features a locking handle for security. Constructed entirely from stainless steel, it includes a large stainless steel drip tray for easy cleaning and 20 stainless steel hanging rods.

The double fan provides extra airflow, minimizing the risk of mould and ensuring uniform drying throughout the chamber. To enhance product protection, a large anti-bacterial ultraviolet light is incorporated. The fan and heaters are on separate power supplies, allowing the fans to operate independently from the heaters, which is an important safety feature.

For added convenience in a retail environment, the machine boasts a large glass window for viewing and displaying contents. Additionally, the adjustable digital temperature control offers better management of the drying process.

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Weight 60000 g