A Biltong Maker in The Making

A Biltong Maker in The Making

Here at Billies & Tong, one of the things we really enjoy about our job is hearing from our customers and how they are putting our products to use. One story that really stood out for us recently was about Ed, an 11-year-old who loves biltong just as much as we do.

Dan and Nina, Ed’s parents, starting buying biltong via mail order. Realising this was becoming expensive and adding up, the family decided they wanted to invest in their very own biltong box. After putting many hours of research in, particularly on Dan’s part, they decided they’d invest in a Billies & Tong biltong box / maker & an olive woodcutter!

It’s now become a family project with the box being rarely empty. Dan and Ed do the meat and Nina is the photographer and oversees Ed’s fantastic Instagram page. Dan and Ed make their own spice blend and then add ingredients to make amazing flavours. Their current flavours are chipotle chilli, super garlic and tandoori naga.

This is a biltong pro in the making and we will continue to follow Ed’s account to see his progress. The biltong he makes is thoroughly enjoyed by family and friends and it has been an absolute pleasure seeing how our products bring families together and keep biltong traditions alive. This is the same way Gerry was brought up and so this story, in particular, is close to our hearts.

If you’d like to pop over and see Ed’s progress, head over to his Instagram page which is ‘kingkongbiltong’.








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