Eden Ministries Zimbabwe

Eden Ministries Zimbabwe

In 2017, we received devastating news in which we were not quite prepared or ready for. We were advised that conceiving naturally would not be possible for us and with this came a huge wave of emotions which in turn made us feel as if we’d both suffered from a loss. In 2018, a new addition joined our family and Billy, our Westie named after Billies & Tong, has now become a huge part of our family and the Koen duo.

For years now we have been looking to turn our news into something positive and after chatting about it, we decided we’d like to contribute to a charity that was close to our hearts, one we’d be able to see our contributions making a huge difference. We didn’t want to jump the gun and so over the years we’ve been doing our research. It wasn’t only about us finding a charity, it was about finding something we knew was meant to be and would be put in our path for a reason.

Recently we’ve been chatting with an old school friend. Some of you may know him… Sean Ervine an ex Zimbabwean cricketer who now lives here in the UK. After chatting to him about when he was next able to visit his family, he told us where and what his parents were currently up to. Well, who would have thought that the next bit of our conversation would now lead to something quite special!

Rory and Judy Ervine joined Eden Ministries in 2004 as a result of the unexpected seizure of their previously held family farm. Rory is the Administrator of Agriculture and Labor Relations and Judy is the State Registered Nurse in charge of the Eden Herbal Medical Clinic. They too have turned something very devastating into something VERY positive and they are making a huge difference.

So what is Eden Ministries? Founded by Kevin and Susan Fry in 1998, this fantastic charity in Doma, Zimbabwe has cared for over 250 children in need. This fantastic orphanage has been split into different departments which include; The Village, The Farm, The School & the Clinic. So let’s look at the amazing facts so far… 250 children have been given a home, education, food and love, 125 Zimbabweans have employment, 32,000 rural Zimbabweans have received FREE medical treatment and 650 Christians from the US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Italy, Thailand, Germany and the Netherlands partner to care for these amazing children.

There are several options available when choosing to help make a difference however we have decided to donate specifically to the orphanage as this is very close to our hearts. The process of making enquiries has been incredibly special for the two of us and our hearts are happy knowing that moving forward, we will be part of these children’s lives.

After COVID and when safe, we will make a trip to Eden Ministries to see all of their fantastic work and of course see how all contributions made from around the world have made a difference. This truly will and has done already, given these children a chance to succeed and grow in life.

Website: www.eden-ministries.org.

So how do we plan to contribute? Well, as of next month and moving forward every month, for every kg of biltong we sell, we will donate a pound. Depending on how much we make, we will top this up accordingly. Every penny will make a difference and on top of feeling immensely proud, we are so happy to have finally found something very special to us both.

This is a fantastic way for the two of us to give back to the country we grew up in. Africa will never leave our hearts and we will forever feel connected and grateful for the life we had there. It truly is indescribable and something we will never forget.

We will of course keep you all posted on updates being made and how the contributions are making a difference.

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