A 2020 Reflection

A 2020 Reflection

As we close our doors on 2020, it’s time to reflect.
What a year it’s been for us all, one we could never expect.
March came with some crazy news & our hearts began to sink.
What is happening with the world? Now it’s time to plan, prepare & have a rethink.

We lost a valued member, who went on to open new doors,
And things were progressing here & locals were having to shut their stores!
Online shopping was the way to go & things seemed to be looking up,
And unexpectedly our brand awareness grew & then we needed backup!

April saw a new member, a fellow African joined the crew.
New products were created & then we seemed to have had a breakthrough.
A TikTok video was shared here & there & we kept you all updated,
And we tried to remain positive, move forward & not get frustrated.

We made new friends, ones we will now forever treasure.
Ones who’d help spread the word & do it just for good measure.
The year has disappeared in the blink of an eye or so it seems.
Now we look to 2021 where we will remain positive & continue chasing our dreams.

Thank you to our new & loyal customers, we hope you know how grateful we are.
This year has been testing, confusing & utterly bizarre.
Your feedback & time never went amiss.
You were our 2020 highlight, one we won’t forget when we look back & reminisce.

One thing we take from this year is how it’s made us all so much stronger.
Let’s hope we can all celebrate soon together & not have to wait any longer.
So here’s to 2021, let’s think positive & look to the future.
Don’t forget about us when you’re next on your laptop or even your computer.

We can’t believe this will be our 7th year in business.
It has been such a rollercoaster, now it’s time to relax & wait for Father Christmas.
2021 will see the business expanding which includes 2 new members of the crew.
Such positive news after a whirlwind of a year & everything we’ve just had to go through.

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